Plantain Farming is Currently Improving Africa’s Economy

Plantain Farming is Currently Improving Africa’s Economy – Here’s How to Startup: I had a conversation with a business friend of mine, and we spoke about his plantain plantation. And guess what, he threw vital highlights on his experience so far. And there’s a lot to learn from him. He has a plantain plantation which has been the fundamental wellspring of his businesses. Clearly you could purchase plantain sucker at simply #150 per sucker. A fascinating reality about plantain cultivating is that it is gathered in batches.

After the principal bunch of reap your plantain plant would continue to deliver more natural products till the collect season is finished. So you do the planting once and the rest is gather each season.

Plantain is quite possibly of the most well-known staple food generally filled in the tropical districts of Nigeria and West Africa. In Nigeria, plantain is a unique delicacy arranged by searing, bubbling, steaming or made into plantain chips. As of late, plantain has been handled into flour which is slowly subbing the utilization of wheat flour because of its unrivaled healthy benefit. Plantain flour is additionally sent out from Nigeria to different nations of the world.

Things You Need to Start Plantain Farming (Plantain Plantation) Business:


The first step in starting a plantain farm is acquiring a farmland. To be successful in this business any farmland you select should have the right type of soil and located in an area with favorable weather condition for the growth of plantain.

Plantain plants do best in loamy soil, the soil should contain enough organic matter with moderate moisture content. In Nigeria the areas with the highest number of plantain plantation include: Edo, Delta, Cross river, Ekiti, Ogun, and other states in the tropics.

If the land you intend to use for your plantain farm is not rich enough with the right kind of soil, you have an option to develop the land before use. Applying organic manure like chicken manure, cow manure, etc. would improve the fertility of the soil.

While selecting a land to set up your plantain plantation watch out for a land with thick vegetation. Thick vegetation is an indication that a land contains the right soil that is rich enough for the growth of plantain.


After acquiring a land for the plantation you will need to carry out land preparation activities on the land. These activities include clearing the land of bushes, trees, stones, stumps, etc. Land preparation also involves tilling the land and application of manure to improve land fertility (for less fertile land).

You may choose to use manual labor or use machines to prepare the land for planting (depending on the scale of business you intend to operate).

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Plantain suckers are utilized to develop new plantain plants. They are outgrowth (shoot) which create from the bud at the base or corm of the mother plantain plant. Plantain suckers generally contain short and limited leafs on them.

While searching for plantain sucker for your new plantain ranch, guarantee you approach respectable ranchers that can supply you with sound suckers, liberated from illness and bug harm.

There are three significant assortments of plantain suckers: water suckers, maidenhead and blade sucker. The water suckers are not so ideal to use for plantain cultivating business. They produce feeble plant with low yield of plantain organic products.

To get the best out of your estate, purchase maidenhead or sword suckers. This assortments produce solid plants that are profoundly impervious to bother assault, have an elevated degree of efficiency, and produce sound organic products.

Plantain suckers sell for as low as #80 in certain spots and as high as #150 in others, contingent upon your area. Most nearby ranchers would give an appealing markdown to any purchaser purchasing in mass. When you purchase a sound assortment of suckers it would serve you for a long time to come. All you want to do is to get suckers from your own ranch.


Contingent upon the size of your homestead, you could need to enlist workers to do cultivating exercises, for example, land readiness, planting of plantain suckers, weeding and collecting. Every one of these should likewise be possible precisely. In the event that you have a major spending plan and can stand to set up a huge scope manor then motorized cultivating would be more useful to you.


Your plantain suckers should be 4-5 feet long. While planting the suckers, keep a distance of about 8-10 feet before planting the next sucker. Ensure that the soil is moderately wet. Plantain plant does not grow well in waterlogged areas.


Weed and other undesirable plant go after the supplement of the dirt with the plantain plant, subsequently consistent weeding is required. You could utilize difficult work to assist with the weeding or you could utilize synthetic compounds (relies heavily on how huge your homestead is).

Use of compost relies upon on the off chance that you began the ranch on a rich soil. Be that as it may, assuming you should apply compost on your homestead ensure it has the right extent of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. You could likewise work the dead plantain passes on to the ground to further develop soil ripeness.


The plantain organic products would be prepared for reap after around 8-10 months. When the gather season starts the plant will keep on delivering more organic products till the season is finished. Collecting is finished when the plantain begins to age.


The interest for plantain is on the increment, there is consistently a business opportunity for the item. You could supply to organizations that cycle plantain into flour, sell in the nearby market, and even product the homestead produce. The market for plantain in West Africa is extremely enormous and expanding.

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Another mystery cash machine that individuals will quite often overlook is plantain cultivating in Nigeria. We need to investigate it today to perceive how it functions. Plantain is exceptionally simple to develop and keep up with dissimilar to other money crops that calls for such a lot of investment and cash to keep up with.

This is a low capital agribusiness and pretty much every Nigerian soil is really great for plantain manor as experience has shown. Accordingly, assuming you have any land with loamy soil, you can begin plantain cultivating on it and begin gathering cash now.

Plantain is a staple food that is exceptionally famous in the tropical locales. It is the 10th most significant foot staple that feed individuals of all race all over the planet. Plantain is treated similarly as potatoes and it accompanies comparative regular flavor and surface when the unripe natural product is cooked by steaming, bubbling or searing.

Plantain natural products lasting through the year, which makes the harvest a more dependable the entire season staple food, especially in emerging nations like Nigeria with lacking food stockpiling, conservation innovation and transportation. In Africa, plantains and bananas give in excess of 25% of the carb prerequisites for north of 700 million individuals.

plantains, flourish in tropical districts where the warm temperature, brilliant sun and sufficient dampness establish ideal developing conditions. Tropical soils, nonetheless, are not generally appropriate for plantain creation.

Tropical locales of the world, including the plantain creating districts of southeastern Nigeria, frequently show soils that are supplement poor, that is the thing researcher says yet experience has demonstrated opposite as may be obvious. There is not really any piece of Nigeria that you wouldn’t see plantain developing. That implies it can excel on most Nigerian soil.

What You Need To Start Plantain Farming

To cultivate plantain plantation, you will need the following

1. Land With Good Soil

Loamy soils are the best creating soils for plantain cultivating in light of the fact that they contain a decent natural to inorganic proportion. Natural materials, for example, rotting plants and bugs, furnish soil with air, supplements and water-holding matter. This mix of fixings, when joined with mineral particles, permits soil to stay free and ripe.

In tropical jungles part of Nigeria, naturally rich soils are shallow. Plantains will flourish for one to three years however at that point bite the dust back in light of the fact that the layer of natural matter is effortlessly exhausted. To keep away from consumption, furnishing soils with manure and mulch is important.

2. Prepare The Soil

Clear the land and cut a portion of the trees if any, Plantain plants likewise fill best in bundles or gatherings since they safeguard each other from the cruel beams of the sun. It is vital to establish a climate where the plantain plants are shielded either in light of the fact that they are grouped up together or there are different trees to safeguard them.

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It is critical to keep up with the dampness of the plantain ranch by permitting a portion of the trees to stay to shield the plant from unreasonable sun and to improve the mugginess. This is extremely fundamental in plantain cultivating climate.

3. Get The Plantain Suckers

Taking into account that a plantain plant isn’t a tree however a sort of spice, they can’t really be developed from seeds like most trees. Plantain plants are developed through suckers. Suckers are those that develop from a perishing, mature plantain plant that can be

relocated and once again developed. They might be considered as child establishes that are utilized to begin new plantain plants. Pick suckers from plants that are energetic. They ought to have little, stick formed leaves and are around four feet high.

There is a corm at the lower part of each developed plantain tree. In relocating a sucker, it is important to cut downwards and get however much corm and root as could be expected. Plant these and slice or behead the sucker to work with great dissipation. Hold around two to five meters between established suckers. In the beginning of your plant, keep them sodden yet not excessively wet as they don’t have leaves yet to dissipate the water.

4. Control The Weeds

The weeds control is vital assuming you believe your plantain should get along nicely, the expense of weed administration could represent up to. 45% of the complete expense of plantain estate the executives in Nigeria. Utilize conventional weed control of utilizing worker to do the weed cutting.

As the plantain develops, safeguarding it from solid winds is significant. It is likewise essential to keep it all around watered. One can likewise sprinkle composts sometimes however generally tossing the plantain dead leaves once again into the plant is sufficient to support the rich nature of the dirt.

Dissimilar to different trees, plantain don’t require convoluted pruning. Simply eliminate dead leaves and dead plants close to the plantain. Likewise eliminate suckers from the plant keeping only a couple of that have stick formed leaves.

On the off chance that you should utilize a manure, Utilize a NPK compost, or a compost blended in with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Preparing the plantains once a month will invigorate development. The manure ought to be put equitably in a circle that is four to eight feet from the storage compartment.

Inside 8-10months your plantain ought to be prepared to deliver, and as one is getting developed for collect, another is supplanting it, they go on in that circle eliminating any pressure costs of planting once more. All you do is to gather and procure your benefits lasting through the year. Exactly the same thing apply to Banana.

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